Reflections: Tarpon Springs, FL, to Savannah, GA

As we make ready to return to Australia, it is time to reflect on our last six weeks of sailing.

  • Florida is flat. Oh my goodness, it is flat. If global warming continues there will be a lot of underwater properties.
  • The barrier islands are so extensive, completely bordering the east and west coasts of Florida. And most are populated.
  • I saw fewer alligators than I thought I would. Everyone keeps assuring us they are out there.
  • Manatees are a real buzz. The ICW has many (and I mean many) manatee zones which mean SLOW speeds. All for a good cause, so no complaints.
  • Dolphins are abundant. Hopefully, it is a good sign of the health of the waterways.
  • As we travelled northward toward Georgia we sailed through extensive marshlands and swamps. The birdlife was not as varied as I thought it would be. Lots of mosquitoes and gnats. Can’t imagine what it would be like to live through a hot humid summer.
  • We sailed through areas which ignited the imagination: Alligator Creek, Rattlesnake Island, Mud River, Hell Gate, Skidaway River, Bear River.
  • We saw sights that astounded us: Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral; Sarasota and the Ringling; Fort Myers and Edison home; Jekyll Island.
  • We met up with new and old friends: Rick and Mary in Fort Myers who we met in October 2018, and Vic and Camille who we met over Thanksgiving in 1981. 
  • We have noticed the abscence of other Loopers and missed the social interaction.

In brief, some statistics of our trip:

  • Distance travelled from Tarpon Springs, FL, to Savannah, GA – 701.7 miles
  • Engine hours – 108.7
  • Number of marinas and docks we stayed at – 19
  • Fuel used – 228.4 gallons
  • Average fuel consumption – 3.28 miles per gallon.

On a personal note:

  • Anti-wrinkle cream does not work on a boat. My wrinkles are getting wrinklier
  • Do not put newly washed Skechers (comfy shoes) in the dryer. They come out a size smaller😫

Until next time with the sailing adventures of Bushranger

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Reflections: Tarpon Springs, FL, to Savannah, GA

  1. John Rutherford

    That Tarpon Springs summary will make a good “Chapter Headings’ sort of summary of this section of the loop, should you collate it into a loop guide.
    Enjoy return trip.


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