In 2012 we read about The Loop – the inland and offshore circumnavigation of eastern USA and southern Canada. It piqued our interest after a lifetime of sailing and as a great adventure. Further reading and investigations only whetted our desire to take on the challenge.

In 2016 we bought our boat, MV Bushranger – Marine Trader 38 foot trawler.  She is a lovingly refitted classic 1982 boat that we bought from our friends, who are Gold Loopers.

Our plan is to complete the loop in stages over however many years it takes us. Our starting point was the Tennessee River where it joins the Tenn-Tom waterway. Now we are at the half way point in Chesapeake Bay heading for New York and Canada in 2020….

Well looks like that became 2021.

Did you know more people climb Mount Everest each year than complete America’s Great Loop?

For those of you who would like to join us on the journey through the blog, Welcome.