Savannah – the end for now

98FBADD3-0CEE-432E-886D-69E8E1EB582DOnce again we sailed through fog. Mindful of safety, we had the horn sounding every 2 minutes with radar and nav lights on. As we sailed closer to Hell Gate – a notoriously shallow and narrow channel known for groundings, the fog mysteriously lifted. As did my spirits! We sailed through Hell Gate at high water with no problems at all. Around a couple of bends and we were on the outskirts of Savannah, at a marina called Isle of Hope. This is where Bushranger will sit and bide her time until we return.

Yesterday and today we did the housekeeping: cleaned the bilges, scrubbed her decks, vacuumed the floors, did the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, etc. The yellow pollen is already starting to fall, giving a yellow coating to everything.

We did, however, make time to go into Savannah and take the Trolley Tour which gives an overview of the city’s history. The architecture is amazing. The styles are exquisite. The atmosphere is old southern charm. Looking forward to when we come back, and perhaps dallying in the historic squares…

But for now it is good to be heading home.

Such is Life!

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