Down by the banks of the Ohio…

We left the Mississippi River at sun rise, turning to port into the Ohio River. Now we sailed against the current, as we were heading upstream.

We sailed past the industrial port of Cairo (pronounced Cayro), full of tows, barges and bad smells. We sailed along the banks of the Ohio: Illinois on the port side, Kentucky on starboard.

In hot and humid conditions, we entered our second last lock and the newest lock of our journey – the Olmsted Lock.

We reached the city of Paducah after seven hours on the go. It is situated close to the junction of the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. This charming town is rich in Civil War and trading history, being strategically located.

We settled in for two nights at the town docks, wonderfully located next to the historic downtown. Last night we dined ashore with our buddies from My Time Too.

Today we explored on foot. We visited the flood walls which have murals depicting the history and way of life. We enjoyed the brick-paved roads lined with beautiful buildings of a bygone era. Unfortunately, as it is a Monday, all but a few buildings were open!

With the girls from My Time Too and Stay Cool, we enjoyed the Quilt Museum which showcased fabulous works of art. The boys opted to stay and do boat work.

I have had a lot of fun with these buddies! I shall miss them greatly. We’ve laughed a lot. We’ve played Scrabble. We have dined together, sailed together, explored together. We have cooked for each other, helped each other, been there for each other. What wonderful memories to cherish!

For tomorrow is our last day of sailing the Great Loop. We will cross our wake at Green Turtle Bay…

Such is Life!

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