We have arrived in Savannah, Georgia, after a long and grueling day of travel. All up we undertook two Uber rides and three air flights resulting in 28 hours from door to boat. We experienced two sunrises and one sunset – all on the same day and continents apart! Way too long without sleep. A hard slog!

We always wonder in what condition we will find Bushranger. We left her 10 weeks ago securely tied up at the Isle of Hope Marina. She has sprung to life, happy to see us.

Before we embark on the next leg of our journey we must undertake a detailed maintenance program to have her in tip-top condition. A little sprucing up is required, along with planned maintenance of engines and other boy stuff. I may even dabble in a little brightwork (varnishing) – ‘little’ being the key word here.

Of course, I will need to get over my jet lag first!

Such is Life!

13 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. grace and dohee

    hello adventurer
    good to hear from you guys and importantly you arrive there safely
    expecting many good news
    take care


  2. Christine Rutherford

    Great to hear from you and what a journey, you’ll soon be ready for the big sail.

    All’s well here. Aquarobics today was enjoyable with only six taking exercise. Pool is small but well heated. Just weekly lessons at $20 which is just right for me and what I need. I’m keeping busy and getting action e.g. subtitles on telly. Staff are good when asked! So I will be fine. More later much love 💗 Mum xx

    Christine Rutherford



  3. Vanessa

    Oh what a journey. It really sounds like you need some R and R before embarking on anything else.
    Lovely to hear about your adventures once again. Thank you.

    Much love R and V xx


    1. marknheather

      Hi ho – it is good to be back, even though this coming week will be hard yakka getting Bushranger back into shape.


  4. geturner13

    Not sure why I’m having so much trouble commenting. Welcome back! See you on the Chesapeake! 😎

    Thanks again for making our Australia visit so special!❤️


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