All systems go…

Bushranger has launched! After two years and one month she is finally happily bobbing in the water. And may I say, she is looking rather spiffy! All decks have been scrubbed. Eisenglass (clear plastic windows) have been installed on the bridge. All walls, floors and accoutrements dusted, wiped down and disinfected. Any and everything that could be washed in a washing machine was laundered. Victuals bought and stowed. Maintenance undertaken. All checks completed. Sea trials successful.

That is what we have been doing this last week in unbearable heat and up to 91% humidity. 

We are ready to go!

Our broad brush plans have already changed thanks to Hurricane Ida. She has decided to make her presence felt here, in the Maryland/Delaware region. We set sail at 11.30 this morning to high-tail it over to Rock Hall three hours away on the eastern shores of the Chesapeake. We have opted to stay snug in a marina securely tied up for the next four days, by which time we hope Ida will well and truly pass us. High winds and rough waters, thunderstorms and flooding are forecast. Bit of a bummer!

Such is Life!

Out of Lockdown

Bushranger here.

For two years, through no fault of my own, I have endured isolation, been confined to my LGA (Local Geographic Area), no power, no travel, no exercise, no company except for a few passing forklifts. Weeks and months of being socially isolated have been very bad for my health. Elective surgery was cut when I was half way through a procedure on my injectors. My heartbeat slowed as my batteries died and I now need a complete battery transplant.

I even missed that precocious and noisy dinghy that has too much to say, hanging off my back end. I just found out that dinghy had to wear a facemask for the last two years – poor bugger. Bet it didn’t shut her up though.

The worst thing is how you let go of appearances when nobody is looking. Dust has settled thickly, spiders have found their way into the most secret of places, my shiny brightwork has dulled and the smell from my incomplete injector procedure has made its way throughout my nether regions.

Now the end is in sight. HOORAY! They are back! My misery and distress draws to a close. Hoses, rags and brushes have lifted my appearance and spirits. The battery transplant was a complete success and the injector elective surgery is soon to be completed so I can again run for miles and miles with no effort or tiring.

My two years of isolation give me great empathy for those now in lockdown. Can I encourage you? It will pass and you too will enjoy the euphoria I now feel as my life returns and I can do the things I really want to.

Such is Life!

The journey continues…

I am very hesitant to add to this blog during these hard covid times. With much of Australia under harsh restrictions, and especially NSW experiencing draconian lockdowns, I am very reticent in sharing our overseas adventures. I do not want to be insensitive to the plight of our friends and family. 

It has always been my intention to chronicle our journey. With that said, when speaking, messaging, phoning, the overwhelming sentiment was friends and family wanting to read our blog and live vicariously. 

So the journey continues…

Such is Life!