Loop completed 20 Sept 2022

We left Paducah on the Ohio River, Kentucky, before sunrise.

The last sunrise on our Great American Loop adventure.

Last time sailing with these buddies along the Cumberland River.

Exiting Barkley Lock, the last lock, on our loop.

Three really good mates who have forged a lifelong friendship. My Time Too and Stay Cool – you made the good times roll and helped Bushranger look and feel good. So pleased you could share and celebrate our achievement with us.

Six years looping to achieve the gold status. We did it!

What a ride!

Such is Life!

10 thoughts on “Loop completed 20 Sept 2022

  1. jtrutherford@bigpond.com

    And the last blog. . What a journey and what a boat. We’ll done. . . . Look forward to seeing the blogs collated if that is the plan! Have a great trip home. J & T

    Sent from John Rutherford’s iPhone



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