Hard decisions…

Where to go? When to go? Our sail plan has anchorages and places we want to experience, as well as provision stops and bad weather boltholes. We want to do it all… BUT… wind and weather warnings are making us choose what we can get to and what we will miss.

It is not simply a matter of going and finding a safe anchorage, as the forecast is for strong winds and thunderstorms until Saturday – five days hence. Food supplies and pump-out are our big issues, as is the integrity and safety of anchorages we have not personally visited before. And then there is the issue of what to do on a boat for six days in crappy weather with rolling seas.

Hard decisions were made last night. Hard decisions were made this morning. Hard decisions were made during the day. The following is what unfolded.

We left Byng Inlet at dawn, sailing on smooth waters. We entered Cunningham’s Channel to darkening skies. Our thoughts were to reach the Bustard Islands, 3 hours sail away, for safe anchorage. Weather reports were now revealing a closing window of sailing: from 2pm down to 11am.

We sailed through an aptly named channel called Roger’s Gut. It was just like passing through intestines, all narrow and twisting and at times gut-wrenching.

We made the Bustard Islands by 9am. Stay Cool had spent the night at anchor in a protected bay, but advised us not to stay as they experienced windy weather overnight. What to do? The clouds had dissipated and the sun shone. No sign of rough weather anywhere.

Another hard decision made. We pushed on to Beaverstone Bay 2.5 hours away. The passage was all smooth sailing. And Beaverstone Bay was glorious. As we traversed we checked out anchorages for the big blow coming. Nothing seemed suitable. By this time it was well past the expected arrival of the strong winds.

Another decision made: enter Collins Inlet and seek shelter there. After negotiating a narrow, shallow right-angled turn, we beheld a breathtaking fjord. The majestic pink granite walls towered over us. This looked like the promising anchorage to wait out the big blow.

Unfortunately, the three main anchorages were either too exposed or already taken. Friends from My Time Too had left one of the anchorages that morning and advised us against staying. The Canadian Coast Guard issued radio warnings regarding the approaching wind. Another and final hard decision: run the exposed 6 miles to Killarney and shelter in a marina.

We are now hunkered down in Killarney for the big blow which was suppose to arrive at 11am then 2pm and now tonight. We were amazed to find so many fellow loopers and friends also here for safe anchorage. The weather may turn out crappy but we are assured of a good time!

Such is Life!

6 thoughts on “Hard decisions…

  1. Grace & Dohee

    I am sure that weather has been look after
    also continuously on your journey we will pray
    keep enjoy there, here is deep winter (rainy, windy etc)


    1. Hello my friend. Woke up to a glorious day. No wind has hit so far! Forecast is still for strong winds but it is hard to believe. Will stay a couple of days more to see if it ‘blows over’!


  2. Ah the false weather report, still a common occurrence. Even here, it was meant to be a truly rainy week but it’s been very mild with sunny periods! So glad your hard decision-making paid off and you found shelter, if not for the good company! 🙂


  3. Can you believe – no wind today. Very hot and humid. The marina is full. We are in a berth with a boat behind us, so we can’t leave until they do. Actually would like a little wind to relieve the humidity. Went for a bushwalk this morning but turned back due to heat and bugs. Rain is forecast for tomorrow. Glad your week is better than predicted. Poor UK with the heat!


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