A little piece of paradise

Frying Pan Bay on Beausoliel Island – what a little gem! And how serendipitous that we ‘bumped’ into our friends on My Time Too and Stay Cool in the little bay. We have developed a wonderful camaraderie with both boats on the Trent-Severn, and now we are experiencing some of Georgian Bay with them.

We started out on what we thought was a short bush walk with Kathy and Charlie from My Time Too. Two and a half hours later, extremely hot and thirsty, not to mention foot-sore and leg weary, we finally found the bay where we left our boats!

We are in bear and rattlesnake country… and I am constantly on the lookout. Others may laugh, but I take it seriously. Canadians and Americans think Australia is dangerous! Honestly, we have seen more notices for poisonous plants, bears and rattlesnakes, not to mention flesh-eating flies, ticks and snapping turtles, than for any wildlife in Australia! The size of the flies could carry you off your boat and they don’t die when you swat them. The mozzies are in plaque proportion and seize the night hours. And when I went for a swim after our bush walk (at all times on the lookout for bears and rattlesnakes – did I mention that already?) I was told the rattlesnakes swim in the lake!

The saving grace is the absolutely stunning scenery and amusing place names. Loved sailing through the maze of Potato Passage; past Tomahawk Island; holding our breath in the challenging Monument Channel (we didn’t want to become another monument!); in and out of Indian Harbour; past The Pig; and now in a divine anchorage a few miles up Twelve Mile Bay.

Such is Life!

6 thoughts on “A little piece of paradise

  1. Grace & Dohee

    wondering about they intelligence
    they d have much more beast of prey than AUSSIE land
    rain is easing but who knows and covid-19 more than 40,000 now
    anyway careful and enjoy


  2. Vanessa

    What an adventure. Love reading your blog. We have experienced a little of wild Canada and love it. You are just whetting our appetite for another visit. Wish we could join you.
    Thank you. X


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