Troubling times

Things are not looking good on the Trent-Severn Waterway. Well, actually, the scenery is pretty spectacular but we have come to a complete stop. Let me start at the beginning of the day.

We headed out of the Trent Canal into Lake Simcoe. After hearing all the horror stories of crossing this lake, I can report we had a smooth-as-glass crossing. ✅

We had no trouble negotiating the locks en route. ✅

We did not wait long for the two swing bridges to open and speed us on our merry way.✅

We enjoyed the varied scenery along the way: canal, lakes, Canadian cottages, pink granite channels and forests edging the waterway. ✅

All good, so far. We sailed for a little over 7 hours today, from Portage to Swift Rapids. And now we are here, tied to the lock wall with nowhere to go! Our last lock to negotiate, Lock 44, is known as the Big Chute just short of Port Severn (and the entrance to Georgian Bay). It is closed to vessels over 30ft. We are 38ft. At present there are 25 plus boats waiting at Big Chute. There is no room at the inn. We are 8 miles away at Lock 43 with no facilities. The buzz is boats our size will not be carried through until after Monday.

But, we all know circumstances change. We will assess tomorrow as to whether we move down to Big Chute or stay and do more maintenance on Bushranger. So far when we have time, we have varnished her rails, polished half her superstructure and cleaned the eisenglass. She’s looking good. It is rewarding to hear compliments about her appearance.

New mottos to live by: No worries! Stay cool! As well as…

Such is Life!

8 thoughts on “Troubling times

  1. Great to follow your journey.
    I am LynnAnn’s brother in law.
    I helped Boyd deliver Bushranger from Brick, NJ to Staten Island.
    Safe waters,
    Dave DePodwin


    1. Due to staff shortages, Big Chute is not lifting boats over 30ft or 11.5ft beam. There are 23 cruisers in this small basin waiting to get to Port Severn. Parks Canada is saying no one will move before Wednesday. Most boats have been here since Tuesday. All running out of water and food and need pumpouts. Not everyone is happy!


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