Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Portage

Three days ago we left Lovesick Lock and headed for Bobcaygeon. Bobcaygeon is a busy town in the heartland of the Kawartha Lakes district. The canal goes right through the middle of the shopping district. We tied up on the lock wall and investigated the area. I had almost forgotten how to shop! We ate lunch and then headed out to our next destination: Fenelon Falls.

Again, the canal bisects this quaint town. We decided to stay two nights as the weather closed in and I needed to do the laundry. Our friends secured a place for us which had power, so no running of the smelly and noisy generator.

Today we headed out under grey skies. We crossed a few lakes, some man-made and very shallow. Our depth indicator on occasion read under 4 feet – we draw 3ft 11 in.

We sailed through a hole in the wall.

We entered the very scenic and extremely narrow Trent Canal. Before entering the canal boats over 40ft in length are requested to call a securite over the radio and ask for other vessels to wait and allow a clear passage. One boater did not have his radio on the correct channel which meant a canal confrontation. The passing went smoothly but with such a narrow, shallow canal with rock shelves protruding from both sides, my fingernails are a little worse for wear!

We experienced the second lift lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway. At Kirkfield, this is the first lock for us to be lowered after having reached the highest part of waterway. We felt as if we were on top of the world!

And now, we reside at the isolated Portage Lock. Our friends have joined us for the continuation of wonderful conversation over tea and wine.

A black bear cub was sighted earlier today. I have been on bear watch since arrival, but alas, no sighting for me. Of course, if baby bear is near… I wonder where mumma bear is?

Such is Life!

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