Beaufort, NC

Yesterday we left our anchorage in the early morning light, sailing for miles alongside the Marine Camp Lejeune. Notices were posted every 100 yards warning boaters not to go ashore as unexplored ammunition lay on the ground. On the seaward side, we sailed past staged tanks and armored vehicles and hideouts, glad there were no military operations taking place. If operations were taking place, the Marines close the ICW until the exercise is over.

Today was a day of unhurried domesticity. Up early to complete the laundry, followed by defrosting the fridge and washing the floor. We also started varnishing. I believe this will be a never ending process, now that we have started!

We found time to visit the historic town of Beaufort, taking a walk along the waterfront.

And To finish off a rewarding day, we fine-dined at the marina’s restaurant. An most enjoyable ending to the day.

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Beaufort, NC

    1. marknheather

      I know! I feel for me, too – my neck, my back, my feet! And it is hot! Having said that… she does look good the parts we’ve done. Actually makes me want to do more. (Can’t believe I just said that!)


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