We finally did it!

At last – we are swinging on the hook in a well-protected and charming anchorage. The tide is only 2 to 3 feet and the tidal stream is gentle in this part of North Carolina. We are enjoying a peaceful and well-earned rest after battling the hordes on the ICW for nine hours straight.

I thought South Carolinians were crazy on the water. They are nothing compared to North Carolinians. Bushranger was constantly ‘waked’ by watercraft. We were even waked by jet skis and pontoon boats!

The ICW was truly like a major road today. We sailed through the holiday area of South Carolina, and everyone is on holiday. Boat traffic everywhere. Overcrowded boats zoomed within feet of us. Jet skis zig zagged across our bow. Monster motor yachts sped by us. And then there were the boats heading towards us! All were rushing to meet up with others for beach parties, dock parties and bay swim parties. And, even though it was tremendously frenetic, everyone was in great humour, just like yesterday, although some were decidedly lobster colored. There was great atmosphere.

Oh, and we sailed through a man-made canal named “Snow’s Cut”. I had to photograph that!

Now we are recuperating on the outskirts of the Marine Camp Lejeune military base, hoping there will not be any night time training missions in amphibious vehicles.

Such is Life!

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