Looper insights

Today’s blog entry is about Looper camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

We left Demopolis Wednesday with two other boats, Exhale and Recess. We exited the lock at Demopolis with Bushranger in the rear, being the slowest boat. We lost sight of the others for most of the day, not expecting to meet up with them again. Coincidently and most fortunately we chose to drop anchor in the same small but incredibly beautiful and peaceful Bashi Creek. The creek is very narrow. Exhale coaxed us in, inviting us to use their bow as our stern anchor and helped secure Bushranger.

In turn, they asked for help in getting their dog ashore for a poop run. We easily deployed the dingy and Mark enjoyed the jaunt. We and the crew off Recess were invited for drinks and nibbles. Much banter and laughter ensued. New friends were made. Wisdom and knowledge exchanged. We parted promising to leave early the next morning in convoy to our next designated spot – Bobby’s Fish Camp.

Bushranger and Exhale left the idyllic stopover at 8.00am. We both sighted deer at the creek’s edge and Exhale sighted an alligator. Our next rendezvous was only three hours away. Exhale took the lead and moored first to the dock. They signaled for us to come in and helped with securing our lines. Recess came in next, rafting up to us. Later a fourth boat moored at the dock – a lone sailor with his dog. Already enjoying terra firma was Steve, an Englishman in a kayak, undertaking the loop for charity. All meeting on the dock, all with good humour, all willing to help each other in any way possible.

We hosted docktails aboard Bushranger. Everyone was keen to come and have a look at the old girl. We had  drinks and nibbles on the flybridge before conducting tours. The group of eight then went to Bobby’s Fish Camp for a meal of catfish, Southern style. We had an uproariously good time. During the meal we teased each other, complimented each other, supported each other, encouraged each other. Two boats are just about to finish the Loop – cross their wake; one is only going as far as Florida; the kayaker is half way; and we have only just begun. Yet all feel a real sense of belonging, of having each other’s back. It is a comforting feeling.

Oh, and did I mention my baking skills? One loaf of bread was fed to the alligators; the other was devoured at docktails. 

And the almond biscuits went down a treat. I am one happy baker and I left one happy kayaker!

 Such is Life

14 thoughts on “Looper insights

    1. marknheather

      Can’t believe I read 3/4 cup instead of 3/4 teaspoon of sugar! Apart from being burnt, it was way to sweet to eat. Love the steam oven. Need to get one for home!


    1. marknheather

      No. We reached Mobile which is a city located on the confluence of 5 rivers, at the top of a large bay. We still need to travel 30 miles south until we reach the gulf. We are now in salt and tidal waters. Left the fresh water of the rivers behind.


  1. Christine Rutherford

    A great and happy story of your day’s travels on Bushranger and what a great way to meet people and have fun. I’m delighted to hear of Luna’s safe arrival to Brittany and Josh. Must get in touch. Pamela was planning a nice lunch for Craig and friends today. She came to see me on Friday with Aro’a who is just delightful and over her shyness with me. Bye until next time from Mum xx

    Christine Rutherford



    1. marknheather

      Thanks for the update, mum. So pleased to hear of Luna’s safe arrival – so happy for Britt and Josh. Looking forward to seeing them at Christmas. Xx


  2. grace and dohee

    very nice bread roll and one is bit over cooked it deserve to give to croc.
    lovely view and sounds like lots fun
    we had unsettled weather last weekend (thunder storm, heavy rain with wind)
    stayed home didn’t go out (scaring) but no damage.
    keep enjoy and C U soon


    1. marknheather

      Great to hear from you. Hope all went well in Orange Beach. Loving drinking my coffee out of my Mississippi mug. Sneak a little honey most days. Miss talking with you. Cheers H.


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