Bushranger’s thoughts

We have been underway for a bit more than a week. I was delayed for a day or so due to some medical problem. I didn’t know I had a problem but Dr Terry the mechanic found it. Something to do with a turbo getting clogged. I don’t know what they did – turbo bypass surgery? Turbo Pacemaker? Anyway I feel as good as ever and have settled into the routine of long passages with flawless service to the owners.

I detected some concern from the skipper about our program. I am keen to get on down to Florida and get that lovely salty warmth around my bum, but apparently there has been a hurricane called Michael that has made a mess of our route. We have slowed our passage south to await news of the state of the waterways across the southern panhandle.

Some of you will know this is not my first time. But it is the crew’s first time. How many times do you have to tell new crew “don’t sail to a schedule”? The skipper had it all worked out from Mississippi to Florida, day by day, anchorage and marina, fuel, water, pump out (don’t ask, it is my least favourite function), nice ports, restaurants – everything. But did he plan for Michael? Noooooooooo!

Rumour in the scuppers is that we might not attempt Florida this time around. The Captain is studying reports about the waterways and may decide to not venture east of Mobile Bay which is in Alabama. I’m OK with that since he has already dragged me through the dirt once on this trip and I don’t want any repeats – even if they are from hurricane damage.

Time will tell. I find myself in a pretty good place. Comfortable, polished and pampered, looked after (but not consulted enough), surrounded by other boats with the same problem and happy to fit into any plan that happens from here.

Such is Life!

9 thoughts on “Bushranger’s thoughts

  1. grace and dohee

    we saw and hear about hurricane Michael at Florida Panhandle suffering.
    it is good decision don’t go near by
    have more relax somewhere
    be careful so be happy


  2. John Rutherford

    Gday Mate,
    Yeah, I reckon we Bushrangers can be pretty random, no point being predictable. It’s the stage coaches that run on a schedule, conveniently.


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