Guess what we did today?

The weather over here is CRAZY. Yesterday we sailed in snow flurries. Last night was a cold and eerie night with mist rising from the water. 359D1D69-1A31-4225-8E9C-37E22C46C4CAWe awoke to Bushranger with a layer of frost. We started the day at 2C. By 12.00pm it was 21C.  By 3pm it was 28C. Off came the layers of clothes.

And off we went to play.

44FFD4B7-1AFD-4884-ADD6-0605171BA2D1We unpacked the bikes, dusted the pollen and spiders off, and checked the brakes. Next to the marina is Liberty Park – a park Mecca with trails, ponds, fitness areas, and loads of room to become reacquainted with bike riding. (Had to have a grandma nap after all the exertion!)

We also did lots of boat maintenance and tinkering. Perfect weather for it. Then we set off for a walk into town. Clarksville is not pedestrian-friendly. We had to dash over busy highways and walk on sections that did not have pathways (sidewalks), but the effort was worth it. We had a lovely dinner at the Blackhorse Pub, in the historic old centre.

Now weary and worn-out, an early night beckons.

Such is Life

6 thoughts on “Guess what we did today?

    1. marknheather

      LOVE the bikes. So pleased we were beside this magnificent riverside park to reacquaint my bike riding skills. Hope to use them more at suitable locations. LOVE the 7 speeds. Wonder where they will take us next?

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