A Change of Plans

Our plan for today was to sail to Dover Island and anchor in its lee. We were looking forward to spending a night at anchor, enjoying the stillness and the beauty of nature.

The wind god had other ideas. As we sailed down river (towards the meeting of the Tennessee River), the current had us ‘surfing’ at 10 knots. However, the wind picked up, hitting us head-on. A bumpy ride ensued.

We played dodge ‘ems with tows and logs in the water. Hitting a log would spoil our day! Vigilance was needed at all times.

We sailed to Dover Island and decided the anchor and chain would not hold. Our only course of action was to make a detour to Bumpis Mills Marina, in the backwaters of the Cumberland River. It is truly Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone country. We are safely tied up to the one and only transient berth, but are being heavily buffetted by wind.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Such is Life!

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