A windy interlude

Today we sailed 42 miles in 5 hours to reach our destination of Shady Harbour Marina, just short of Albany. We had a ’fast’ sail, peaking at 10 miles per hour, with the flood tide enhancing our speed. Unfortunately, we headed into strong blustery winds making the trip both chilly and bouncy – bronco bouncy! But let me start at the beginning of the day…

In Kingston, we had stayed the night at the dock of the Hudson River Maritime Museum. The museum was closed, much to our disappointment. However, before we left this morning the harbour master opened the museum just for us and we were given a guided tour. It was sensational! Kingston was such a thriving metropolis with steamboats and paddle wheelers, some boats having 5,000 passengers. The information and exhibits were quite breathtaking – who knew about ’ice yachts’?

Out on the Hudson River, we passed more impressive lighthouses at Saugerties and Catskills.

The Hudson River is a wide and beautiful river, dotted with villages and mansions of the Gilded Age. But it is also a working river with tugs and tows moving huge barges up and down the river. On the banks are industries associated with mining stone, limestone and concrete. Ruins of bygone industries dot the water’s edge. And the ever present, ever sounding trains hurtle non-stop – all with the glorious Catskills as a backdrop.

And just a couple of fun facts: This is the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Near here is where Washington Irving ’set’ his story.

’Kills’ in old Dutch means creek. Catskills Mountains were named due to the cats (bobcats) in the mountains which had many creeks.

Such is Life!

6 thoughts on “A windy interlude

  1. Grace & Dohee

    Thank you lovely pictures of Hudson River
    Did you pass a American airline emergency landing spot.
    We might be in Korea when you reach thousand island.
    Good fun


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