The Mighty Mississippi

Early departures from anchorages are not too hard, especially when we have glorious sunrises.

Photo courtesy of Donna Lynn

Besides, the swirling mists and fog create eerie and magical scenes.

Heading downstream today, we decided to detour and sail Dark Chute. It was originally a tow channel offshoot of the Illinois River, but now a scenic bypass. So glad we did as the scenery was majestic and the sail very peaceful.

Not long afterwards we arrived at the convergence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. I thought it would be more spectacular and the river current would speed up.

Not so, but we have reached another milestone: The Illinois is now behind us and we have 218 miles to sail on the Mississippi River until we meet the Ohio River.

Along this stretch of the Mississippi River runs the national scenic byway known as the Great River Road, flanked by dramatic bluffs on one side and the river on the other.

We are staying two nights in the Alton Marina, just above the convergence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. This area is rich in Lincoln and Civil War history. Time for some R&R with our buddy boats!

Such is Life!

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