Mackinac Island – a little slice of unreal!

We boarded the ferry nice and early, thinking we would beat the tourists. If I was feeling a little uncomfortable with the number of people on the ferry, I sure wasn’t ready for the hoards on Mackinac Island! Unbelievable crowds, with more people pouring in every 10 minutes or so from the ferries, not to mention the cruise ship on station in the harbour.

What is special about this little slice of unreal? So much, in fact!

The views are to die for.

Fort Mackinac has been fully restored with enactments.

The extensive walking trails criss-cross the island, revealing geographic splendors and bucolic resting places. History abounds at every turn. The scenery is stunning and the surrounding waters are an amazing green.

Architecture is pleasing on the eye, ranging from French Canadian log houses to British colonial to Victorian. No cars or motorised vehicles are allowed on the island. People move around by foot, bicycles, or horse-drawn carts.

And for those who wish to splurge, a stay at The Grand is waiting.

The Main Street is like walking Main Street Disneyland, with picture-perfect streets overflowing with colourful flowers and filled with touristy stuff. There are 16 fudge shops in a little less than half a mile! The number of tourists was staggering.

This was a lovely day spent on a lovely island, but I was glad to get back to our little slice of unreal – Bushranger.

Such is Life!