New State / New Time Zone

Today we crossed the state border from Michigan into Indiana, and turned back our clocks an hour. We are just about at the bottom of Lake Michigan, in a tiny part of Indiana which borders the lake. Although we are in the municipal marina in Michigan City, we are in Indiana not the state of Michigan. A little confusing!

Early this morning, just on sun up, we left St Josephs – the last stop for us in the state of Michigan. As we have been heading southwards, closing in on Chicago, the towns have been more built up, with more people and more boats.

We are back in nuclear and coal powered station territory, leaving behind rural areas and entering industrial regions.

We glimpsed the skyscrapers of Chicago on our voyage down, 30 miles across the lake. So close, so far!

This afternoon we pampered Bushranger with a little love and attention. She is looking very attractive with her brightwork (varnishing) just about completed. A young lad passed by and I overheard him yell to his mum, “Wow! Mom, look at this boat! It is gorgeous”. Ooooh yeah… I am happy to hear those types of comments!

Such is Life!

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