Lake hopping to Kalamazoo

Love the sunrises on Lake Michigan. On Wednesday, we left Pentwater at the crack of dawn, aiming to miss the afternoon winds and turbulent waters.

We sailed an easy 35 miles to White Lake in company with My Time Too and dropped the anchor in a delightful bay. A few homes skirt the lake. As we get closer to Chicago there are more cottages and built up areas, more boats and pleasure craft. This night we dined on board My Time Too, with Kathy and Charlie producing a fresh king salmon feast from fish caught in Pentwater.

On Thursday, we sailed a short distance to Pidgeon Lake, a small picturesque lake recommended to us by Bushranger’s previous owners. There, we met wonderful new friends who hosted us for dinner in their home. Meeting people such as Willy and Beverly, are what makes this looping experience so very special. Much hilarity and entertaining conversation ensued. A quick and total feeling of mateship was the result. We hope to see them in Australia to reciprocate their hospitality.

Whilst in Pidgeon Lake, Mark decided it was time to try the Michigan waters. He did not last long, but so entertaining watching him reboard Bushranger! I did offer lots of advice!

Today we upped anchor at the decent time of 8.00am to make the hop to Saugatuck on the Kalamazoo. Lake Michigan was like a mirror… and there were no fast boats to wake us and spoil our equilibrium.

The entrance to Saugatuck is via the Kalamazoo River. This river winds one way and then the next. It is such an interesting quite narrow access: sailing past wetlands, mansions with requisite boat, through the middle of the town, past a hand-operated chain ferry to our marina. I can not wait to explore tomorrow. We are here for a couple of nights because… inclement weather is forecast.

Such is Life!

2 thoughts on “Lake hopping to Kalamazoo

  1. Grace & Dohee

    Thank you again your lovely photos and we enjoying your travelogue
    something remember me about Chicago which I stayed few month at Michigan Ave where near the school I went.
    Good luck and enjoy


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