Ludington to Pentwater

Ludington is a place of safe harbour. It is one of the many harbours dotted along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, each about 30 to 35 miles apart, providing refuge from the quick and sometimes unpredictable storms.

We were in need of this place of refuge for two nights. The wind blew, the rain fell and the lightning and thunder performed.

Ludington is a pretty town, and yes, historic with gorgeous late 19th / early 20th century architecture. Logging barons ruled the town. Most of their mansions are now converted into B&Bs.

It was quite thrilling to hear sirens and watch the Coast Guard and Sheriff race from our marina into the mouth of Ludington Harbour. Then we heard an almighty blast from a ship’s horn. We watched a huge ship – a car ferry – make its way into the narrow entrance of the harbour. No thrusters and coal-driven. Twice a day this car ferry/ship makes the crossing to Milwaukee in Wisconsin, a four-hour trip. It is an amazing sight.

Today, we headed out to Pentwater in flat calm waters. It was a short sail to cover 13 miles.

Pentwater was a logging town, but is now a fisherman’s paradise. We watched fishing boats come and go with paying customers. In this municipal park/marina there are fish filleting stations, where fish are hung to be admired and then filleted by professionals. Large king salmon were the catch of the day. Fascinating, but oh, so smelly!

The shops which line the Main Street are eclectic. I helped the local economy with purchases… and it felt good! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Such is Life!

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