Fishtown – Leland

Petoskey was an absolute delight. The gaslight district lived up to its charming and historic description. A few trips were made to discover delights around every corner. I spent a couple of hours of girl-time with Cathy from United 771, walking up and down the streets enjoying the ambiance. And we ate delicious meals at bistros with sweeping views of Little Traverse Bay. The whole stay was really delightful.

That is what made the decision hard to leave and sail southwards to Leland – not knowing when we will next meet up with United 771 and missing the fun in Petoskey.

Yesterday, we left Petoskey at 8.00am in waters that were forecast to further decrease. We started off with waves of 1 to 1.5 feet. A little bit of pitching and a little bit of rolling ensued. Not very comfortable but not too bad!

Once out of the bay and heading south the action of the water was much calmer and we enjoyed the 7-hour voyage.

We sailed past the cement company on the outskirts of Charlevoix

Southwards in calm waters past sandy cliffs, which from a distance, could be back in Australia.

We entered Leland Marina, astounded at the almost neon green coloured water. Not long after we tied up, a float plane landed and taxied to a house behind us… as one does!

We were further enchanted by Fishtown which is beside the marina. It is a working fish town, with fishing shanties, smokehouses and fishing boats. The shanties have been repurposed as very appealing unique shops.

The forecasted thunderstorms arrived during the night. We had a sound and light show for about five hours. Lake Michigan threw its full weight at us. Today, the oysters would blow of the rocks (if they had any!) We give full respect to this Great Lake. Mark has decided to spend another night here, to err on the side of caution… let the waters calm down. Besides, My Time Too arrives tomorrow – what fun we will have!

Such is Life!

5 thoughts on “Fishtown – Leland

  1. I love that part of the world. My brother and his family live in Traverse City… I know my sister-in-law loves meeting people, if you feel like saying hi. 😃🌻La


    1. What a small world! I did not realise one of your brothers lived up this way. Thanks for the suggestion, (and if we are here for a length of time I may just take you up on that), but we have looper friends arriving today and we hope to leave tomorrow. The weather is not too flash, either, so who knows? I may find out all the secrets about you!🤣


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