Mackinaw City, Michigan

We stayed two nights in DeTour, and discovered a delightful and playful botanical garden. It helped to have a lazy day after the long sail on the previous day. As well, I needed a little down time to get over a migraine.

This morning we set sail at 6.40am to complete the 45 mile crossing to Mackinaw City. The waters were smooth. The winds were calm. We sailed away before our buddy boats departed. This greyhound of the sea was primed for a ‘quick’ passage.

It didn’t take long for United 771 to zoom past us. Followed not long after by My Time Too.

Then this big boy, going twice our speed, overtook us just as we entered the shipping lane at Mackinac Island. We pulled over and let him pass!

We sailed right by Mackinac Island. So far, so good… until we encountered Mackinac Straits with the wind funnelling up Lake Michigan combined with the wakes of the ferries that ply their trade to Mackinac Island. These ferries are like gnats – they are everywhere, speeding close to pleasure craft, carelessly zigzagging between ships, boats and lighthouses. The waters were so churned and boiling that water exploded on our windows as Bushranger’s bow dug into waves. (For Mark – just another day at the office!) It was too uncomfortable to deploy fenders and get the lines ready until we were almost in the marina. I sought an easier ride down below whilst Mark helmed from the flybridge. My life did not flash before my eyes, but the lamp did! No damage done. No cups or crockery broken.

Now we are at the Mackinaw City Municipal Marina, enjoying the delights of this city. Mark has already sampled local whiskeys and we have located wine-tasting rooms. We are determined to support the local economy! Tomorrow we will explore and support Mackinac Island.

Such is Life!

2 thoughts on “Mackinaw City, Michigan

  1. JB

    Coincidence or good planning?
    I have looked on Spot a few times and it appears quite regularly that each time you stop There is either a craft Brewery, distillery, or Pub within walking distance of Bushranger most nights?


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