Oh Canada

Today is a balmy July 1 – Canada Day. We are sitting in the bridge of Bushranger, in the best seat in Peterborough Marina.

The live concert is strumming away in the park bordering the marina. The colour red is everywhere. Happy Canadians are enjoying themselves.

The sky is likewise red and magnificent.

The fountain is changing colours. And the crowds have gathered.

Earlier, we hosted two USA couples and a Canadian couple for docktails. We had such fun and much laughter with the topics of discussion. Nothing was off limits: pumpouts, taxes, guns, American navigational guides, Australia’s friendly and not so friendly animals, differences and similarities between our countries. Yes, there was much mirth.

During the afternoon, and before hosting, Mark and I walked to the spectacular Peterborough Lift Lock. We wanted to see it before we negotiated it.

And now, to finish off a very satisfying day, we have been entertained with fireworks. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Oh Canada

    1. Having fun… but…. No water in canal between Lock 20 and Peterborough Lift Lock. Eight boats lined up to go through ‘early’. We are at anchor in line – not enough room on the wall. Expected wait for lock opening 45 mins. Such is Life! Having a cuppa on the bridge with biscotti!


  1. Grace & Dohee

    thank you for nice photos
    NSW and Sydney heavy rain fall and many places are inundated
    Cabarita is fine
    enjoy your summer


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