Passage to Trenton

Yesterday was a wonderful day to sail to Trenton. Originally we were only going to sail 40 miles to Picton, but with glorious weather we decided to push on – 9 hours in total, to Trent Port Marina another 30 miles. So glad we did, as Trent Port Marina is one of the best marinas we have stayed in. It is new, with wide berths (slips), has sensational bathrooms, free laundry, help yourself herb garden and a beautiful boaters lounge. Very nice, indeedy!

We departed Kingston before 9.00am. Heading westwards, we sailed past Kingston Penitentiary…

and Rockwood Asylum – a creepy group of buildings which housed the criminally insane when it opened in 1878. It closed in 2000. On the trolley tour, our guide explained it was the site of horrific experiments and treatments. There was a tour, but that one was not for me!

We sailed on the smoothest of waters, though the North Channel to Adolphus Reach. We saw the wind turbines on Amherst Island.

We entered the protected 60-mile long z-shaped Bay of Quinte (Kwin-tea). No one before us, no one behind us!

We passed pretty little towns and ferries, large industrial sites along the foreshores, as well as tugboats and tows.

But let it never be said we waste an opportunity! Whilst underway Mark did some preparation for varnishing and I polished the metalwork. I also put my body through some pilates moves.

Oh, the sailing life!

Such is Life!

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