Westport – Rideau Canal

We decided to stay at Westport for two nights to complete some touch-up brightwork (varnishing) and a week’s worth of laundry. Besides, the town is over a Venetian-style bridge, and Bushranger is resting in a idyllic setting. The weather has turned hot and humid, needing our air conditioning to be given a run. The winds have ceased. The clouds are gone. Gelato beckons.

Yesterday, we sailed through some hair-raising areas: skinny 90 degree turns; around blind corners; low water depths; winding skinny canals. And throw a few raindrops in. What fun!

The scenery was heavenly. At times it was difficult to realise where water stopped and started.

And we had an encounter with a deer at the water’s edge and a beaver who swam across the canal in front of us. No snakes today!

I would like to impart a short story. We have found all Canadians to be very friendly and helpful and courteous. While I was completing the laundry, Mark found a hairdresser to have his hair cut. After knowing Mark for only 30 minutes, this lady gave Mark the keys to her car to enable him to purchase beer from a shop one kilometre away. She insisted he take her car, as the day was hot. Unbelievable! How nice is that?

Today, Mark found the craft brewers – just around the corner! He had the chance to savour a local brew whilst we ate a late lunch in a most pleasant setting.

And to round the day off, we dined with boating friends at The Cove, engaged in much laughter and fun. For our son, Craig, we tried the Canadian dish Poutine. We’ve ticked that box!

Such is Life!

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