Not having fun, but then we reached Thousand Islands

Loved the ambiance and history of Sackets Harbour. Absolutely! Walked the battlefield, had a tasty lunch in a cute brewery, met lovely people.

Then it rained! And rained! And rained! And the wind howled, and howled, and howled. At one stage we had wind gusts up to 30 mph. Bushranger rocked and rolled. What to do with oneself, confined in a small boat? Tried my hand at cooking almond biscotti. (Definite improvement needed here!) Defrosted the fridge, (even though it didn’t need it!)

Today started off with grey skies and with wisps of wind. Mark warned me the first hour of our voyage would be heading into the wind and choppy waves. Mark warned me the second hour of our voyage would be side to side rolling. Mark foretold me the last two and a half hours would be following seas. He was right on all counts.

Forewarned, I downed my seasick tablets. Secured all items below – or so I thought. Made our coffee and took biscotti to the upper helm, knowing I was not coming back down below for a long time. Let the fun begin!

No fun had by me. Mark had fun. In the riding bronco stage, I maintained equilibrium. In the rock and roll stage I maintained equilibrium by lying down athwart ships, holding on for dear life.

Once we sailed into the St Lawrence River, ahhhhhh. I could see Canada. I could see blue sky. Actually, I could see quite a bit as I finally opened my eyes… I saw the broken coffee cup, shards on our steps leading to our stateroom. I saw our door had rolled shut. I saw our lamp which is secured by velcro lying horizontally. I saw the big ship come sailing by, pushing out a huge bow wave.

We are now residing peacefully at a marina in Clayton, NY. And I am having fun again. We walked the colourful main street, something I will do again tomorrow with my purse! The islands we have sailed by are very picturesque. Mark has already tried a flight of local beers, whilst watching the sun set over the water. Did I mention we found an ice-cream shop with an Adirondack chair with a view?

Yes, we are having fun again!

Such is Life!

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