Sackets Harbor gem

Farewell to Oswego. We passed through the last lock this morning to a gloriously smooth Lake Ontario and no wind.

Today was a good day! The waters were smooth and the sunshine warm on our faces as we headed to the region known as the Thousand Islands. The colour of the water was a deep green. As land came into view it reminded us of the Whitsundays in Australia. Just glorious!

We sailed 5.5 hours NE on Lake Ontario to Sackets Harbor, NY. What a gem of a place! It is picture-perfect. It has loads of history with a battlefield from the war of 1812. The natives are really friendly and welcoming. Architecture dates back to 1805. Eateries abound. It is totally walkable. We found the icecream shop. I am in heaven!

And did I mention the sunsets are exquisite?

As an aside: Who would have thought that during this looping adventure I would gain so many valuable skills such as stepping the mast? Or being a bow and stern thruster?

Such is Life!

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