Nestled in Newark, NY

We spent two idle and extremely hot days in the delightful canal port of Fairport. I write idle, as it was for me too hot to do anything, but necessary for Mark to do some maintenance tasks in a down period.

As a reward for all his hot, hard work, we found the craft brewery. He was a happy boy!

The Erie Canal runs right through the town, literally! On both sides of the canal, boats may dock for a maximum of 48 hours with full services provided. You literally step from your boat to a waterside restaurant, which is what we did.

This morning we left Fairport in overcast conditions, heading eastwards, retracing our breadcrumbs.

In the two days since we had sailed this part of the Erie Canal, vast amounts of white petals had fallen from the waterside trees. At times, it felt like we were sailing on mudflats, but quite pretty nevertheless.

As we neared Newark, only 20 miles and two locks away, the thunder and lightning gods decided to have a play. The facilities along the western Erie Canal are superb, with full services docks usually located in beautiful gardens not far from the centre of the towns.

So, while the lightning and thunder show took place we decided to explore the town and fabulous clock museum. This photo is only one small section. We were here for the 4pm chimes! ‘Musical’ to say the least!

Thunder, lightning and rain will not stop us being cultured!

Such is Life!

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