POOP Holden moderated


Percival Oscar Owen Peter Holden 1st, is my name. I am Bushranger’s essential service.

As you can tell, I have impeccable breeding but the name is a mouthful, so I go by the honorific, POOP Holden. Others just speak of me in disparaging terms, but that is a socialist view of my aristocracy. Let me tell you about…

“N000000! Stop him!” says I, ‘Arry the hairconditioner. “‘E is too windy!”

“Plug his outlet. And his inlet. SHUT HIM UP! Have you seen his follow through? Spare the audience,” says I, Dinghy.

“From my all-round forward view I can tell you, his story should be wiped, maybe twice,” says I, Radar.

“I quite like burying my flukes in stinking mud. I don’t need to listen to Holden’s gasbagging,” says I, Hanchor. I mean Anchor! “Damn you, Hairconditioner, uh Air conditioner!”

Blog Moderator: ”Under threat of wide-scale industrial action from all boat departments, the Holding Tank’s story will not be published.

2 thoughts on “POOP Holden moderated

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Mark / Heather
    last post was interesting read….
    I am glad you flushed the holding tanks input from the blog…

    In the bow photo, there is a little flag and I am wondering if that is the overall route you are taking?
    I have been following the white dot on the tracker, using satellite mode to add some more context to all your great photos, but I don’t have an idea about the full trip you are doing.
    Any chance of posting a full trip map?

    Cheers Stephen G


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