A lesson in history of the Erie Canal

When the Erie Canal officially opened on 26 October 1825, it was 363 miles long; 40 feet wide; 4 feet deep. It had 18 aqueducts to carry its waters across rivers and 83 locks to raise and lower boats a total of 682 vertical feet from end to end. It cost just over $7,000,000.

From 1905 and 1918, an entirely new and enlarged canal system was created. Major course changes were made and most of the original man-made channel was abandoned as rivers that originally had been avoided were ’canalized’. One hundred years after its creation, the Erie Canal has become 125 feet wide; 12 feet deep; with 35 locks.

Today, we sailed past aqueduct ruins.

And the remains of bridges.

We ducked under extremely low bridges.

We were enchanted by the white puffs of pollen which rained upon Bushranger and the surrounding water like snow.

All the while enjoying this magnificent waterway.

To finally dock at the Lyons welcome wall, where all is free: showers, electricity, pump-out.

And the best part – being greeted by Bob Stopper, a wonderful ambassador of the town and canal. A lovely way to end a full day of exploration.

Such is Life!

2 thoughts on “A lesson in history of the Erie Canal

    1. Wish I could capture the ‘snow’ falling – it is magical. Unfortunately, my camera skills are not up to scratch. This is one long canal made up of incredible sections. People are lovely along it, too!


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