Around the world

Who knew that travelling the Erie Canal we would visit places named for far flung parts of the world?

So far we have visited Turkey – Troy; Netherlands – Amsterdam; Tunisia – Utica; Italy – Rome and Syracuse; England – New London; Jordan – Jordan.

In the coming days we will be visiting Scotland – Clyde; France – Lyons; Syria – Palmyra; Greece – Macedon!

We have just spent a few days at Winter Harbour Marina in Brewerton, on the western side of Lake Onieda. The night before the 2.5 hour crossing of the lake we docked at the town wall in the very friendly town of Sylvan Beach and had a delightful evening with fellow sailors.

At Brewerton we restocked the galley with the welcome aid of the marina’s courtesy car. Laundry was completed. And we lowered the mast and folded the bimini to reduce height to allow us to travel on the western areas of the Erie Canal. Here, there are fixed bridges with only 15 feet clearance.

Now, Bushranger looks like a racing goanna! She is ready for ’fast’ and sleek sailing. It worked, as today we overtook two boats in our westwards journeying!

And tonight, we reside securely tied to the Baldwinsville town wall, right beside the very picturesque cemetery. It is very peaceful here!

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Around the world

  1. Grace & Dohee

    Thank you
    We are ready go to airport now for trip to Korea and we do need rapid test before boarding so we like be there 4-5 hours before departing time
    I will be reply from Korea
    Keep enjoying your journey.


  2. Make sure you take some more shots of the racing goanna in all its full glory amidst all the picturesque backgrounds (we often have friends asking to see your boat :)!


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