Risk Management

Risk Aversion versus Risk Minimalisation

So, being together on Bushranger, really being together, has heightened our differences in style of risk management.

I like to be prepared:
– Fenders deployed
– Boat hooks in position fore and aft, (also known as bow and stern thrusters)
– Lines secured and ready for deployment
– Galley secured
– Heads secured
– Grab bag ready
Basically, I try to think ahead for any adverse situations which may arise.

Mark’s style is different. He is:
– Methodical in maintenance
– Religious in completing checklists
– Logical in potentially adverse situations
– Insistent that he is always correct

Where I see disaster, Mark is calm and measured (really annoying on occasions when I want action NOW!)

Where I worry, Mark reasons.
For example: I steer away from logs and debris, Mark reasons logs and debris will move aside by our bow wave.

In this somewhat limited space, our foibles (ok – I have more) and idiosyncrasies (and yes, I have more of these, too) surface and are on display.

Which just goes to show, after almost 44 years of marriage, we have a great partnership, many discussions and harmonious resolutions.

And Mark still insists he is always correct!

Such is Life!

8 thoughts on “Risk Management

  1. Garnock David

    Ha! Ha! You could say “it’s a boy thing”! But you should take comfort from knowing that beneath Mark’s “command confidence” lies years of experience and (when challenged) countless quick & (normally) reliable decisions. So it is probably more accurate to say that “boating & sailing is in Mark’s DNA”. Although it is understandably not in your DNA, like every good “Officer of the Watch”, you nevertheless have a duty to forcefully bring any concerns you have about “safety” to his attention in a timely manner (the “buck” then stops with him).
    Hope this helps!
    Cheers… David


    1. Ha! You sound like the voice of reason, too! I am not sure if I am the ‘Admiral’ or ‘First Class Passenger’, or ‘Tour Director’. Perhaps you are more accurate in calling me ‘Officer of the Watch’!


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