Little Falls, NY

We have reached Little Falls, 80 miles along the Erie Canal.

So far we have tested our skills in 17 locks, and dressed for the occasion each time. Lock E9, which we locked through yesterday, today has a mechanical fault and will be closed indefinitely. How lucky were we to get through!

And even luckier getting under these bridges!

We stayed in Amsterdam last night. (No, not in the Netherlands!) Unfortunately, the write-up about the town is more flattering than in real life. We did, however, walk across the pedestrian bridge which had interesting historical plaques, statues and mosaics. As nothing was open (on a Monday the USA closes), we invited fellow loopers on board for spaghetti bolognaise and convivial chatter.

The Mohawk River continues to delight us.

And now we are in Little Falls, where the Mohawk River has a series of rapids. The Erie Canal digressed from the river to avoid the turbulence. We sailed through the manmade section (hewn in 1775 or thereabouts under the supervision of General Schuyler – of Revolutionary times) and docked at a lovely Rotary Park close to the historic canal centre. Mark and I walked into town and dined in a quaint canal-side restaurant.

And now? We are in a food coma having eaten too much, listening to the honking of the Canada geese.

Such is Life!

2 thoughts on “Little Falls, NY

  1. Grace & Dohee

    Many thanks for nice photos
    I feel like on board BUSHRANGER
    We leave Sydney 29th May for trip to Korea and will return just after Queen’s Birthday
    I will bring my laptop please send news when you allowed. Take care


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