15 miles on the Erie Canal…

No – not yet! Just sitting at the town wall of Waterford which is the start of the Erie Canal.

We set out in ideal conditions, which turned into unrelenting heat. Yesterday we had temperatures of 22C and chilly, blustery winds. Today we reached 36C with no wind for relief. I am starting to think you either freeze or boil here!

As we approached the Port of Albany, the Hudson River became more industrial.

The Hudson River is still very much a working river, even way up north, close to the outskirts of Albany.

We then sailed passed Albany, capital of New York. Skyscrapers came into view first, then churches, impressive edifices and motorways.

Then back to the scenery of the ’virgin’ riverbank. We sailed past the town of Troy to our first lock. Beyond this lock, the Hudson River is no longer tidal. Even though we have locked through on the Tennessee River and Tenn-Tom Waterway many times, our first lock in the New York Canal System was, to say the least, ugly! More practice required, of which we shall get plenty!

We arrived at Waterford to a two-day festival in full swing. We received lots of comments on how pretty Bushranger looks. We agree!

We went for a pleasant stroll to Lock E2 – the start of the Erie Canal. Beside the beautiful modern lock is the original small, rock-hewn lock with tow-path. I do love history!

Yesterday, in Shady Harbor, we caught up on domestics – shopping, laundry, varnishing and baking. I was so excited to start baking bread again, but left the galley to check on filling the water tanks. Big mistake!

Such is Life!

6 thoughts on “15 miles on the Erie Canal…

  1. Grace & Dohee

    I am sure that you know what happened here last night
    we do have labour government now
    Here we are start winter (Canberra 1 degree C) last night and Sydney is under 20 C highest temp.
    You better enjoy summer as much you can while you there.
    Thanks photos


    1. Hi Dohee – it is too hot here. Sudden high temperature after quite chilly ones. Wind only has an on or off button! Blows fiercely during the day. At least we will not have to worry about the currents and tides now.


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