Poughkeepsie: Day 2

We survived last night’s thunderstorm. The view from our slip was an ever changing kaleidoscope of colours on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge. It almost rivalled the Sydney Harbour Bridge during Vivid!

We awoke to more fog. Lots of fog. Pea-soup fog which eerily held voices but no bodies. I caught a glimpse of a ghostly crew of rowers gliding past. The fog didn’t burn off until after 9am. This resulted in a lazy start to the day. After an entertaining and informative Uber driver took us to the car rental pickup, we headed out for another day of discovery.

Our first stop was the village of Rhinebeck which has a quaint town centre with stunning architecture, gourmet dining, quirky shopping, and history at every corner. We dined at the Beekman Arms which has continuously welcomed guests since 1766. It was host to leaders of the American Revolution including George Washington, Philip Schuyler, Benedict Arnold and Alexander Hamilton. And now, the Rutherfords!

Next stop was the Vanderbilt mansion, Hyde Park, in Hyde Park. This historic property is situated on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River and includes manicured lawns, gardens and woodlands. We limited ourselves to the outside only.

The third and last stop was a visit to Springwood, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s home located in Hyde Park. We took a tour with the National Parks Service. Such an amazing place for such an amazing man! Best $20 we ever spent!

We made it back to the boat in time for another afternoon storm deluge. As we could not work on the outside of the boat, we took advantage of a late afternoon siesta! There is nothing quite like listening to rain beating on the top decks at the same time as water swirling around the lower decks with logs and debris bouncing off the hull!

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Poughkeepsie: Day 2

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you again for lovely photos
    Hyde Park looks nice as Sydney’s but we don’t have mansion
    Take care and enjoy
    G & D


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