We started out in fog, leaving Half Moon Bay Marina at Croton at 7.40am. AIS on. Radar on. Eyes constantly searching the grey mass. Dodging parts of trees and debris.

We stealthily sailed past the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. It eerily arose through the fog.

We tagged behind the tug named Mr Jim, as the fog was starting to lift at the Bear Mountain Bridge. From this bridge to West Point Military Academy, the Hudson River is at its narrowest. This stretch or river is known as The Race. And yes, we scooted along – almost warp speed for Bushranger!

Onwards we sailed. We passed West Point Military Academy from the waterside this time, marvelling at the Norman-style architecture clinging to the cliffs. The stretch of water directly north of West Point is known as World’s End. It was here the Continental Army stretched a chainlink barrier across the Hudson to stop the British from sailing south.

On our 5-hour trip northwards, we sailed past the derelict Bannerman’s Castle, mining works, tugs and tows plying their trade, and the never ending trains which hug the river’s edge. The trains on the eastern shore transport passengers; the trains on the western shore transport goods and can often be over a mile long. The trains constantly blow their mournful sounding horns. The Hudson River is not a silent river.

But for now, we are safe at Shadows Marina, Poughkeepsie, having entered a very narrow entranceway with 2.5 knots of current behind us. With the excellent help of the harbourmaster, he spun us around and backed us in. We availed ourselves of the beautiful restaurant overlooking Bushranger while we ate and counted our remaining 8 lives. And we waited out the thunderstorm.

Such is Life!

10 thoughts on “Poughkeepsie

  1. cathyb02

    Mark and Heather, I’m absolutely loving reading about your adventures. I tried placing a comment but got stuck on a login request, so am messaging you via email. Keep on having fun! It looks, and sounds, amazing. xx



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