West Point and Croton Falls

A day to remember!

First up – our trip to West Point Military Academy. We drove along the scenic Hudson River valley before beginning our climb via the Bear Mountain Bridge to the town of West Point. We travelled through an historic area, being the sites of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. The scenery is sublime. The grounds are manicured and dotted with statues and historic military hardware. The architecture is mostly in the style of Classical Revival with Tudor Revival thrown in.

We were taken on a bus tour (after security checks) with stops at Trophy Point, Battle Monument, the Plain (parade ground) and the Cadet Chapel. A truly amazing place with an amazing organ!

Then, in the late afternoon we went exploring in the local area of Croton. I had heard of the Croton Dam and State Park. What we saw was a place of great beauty. Our first objective was to walk across the dam. On the eastern side was an immense lake with depths of 176ft – about 56 metres. On the western side was a spillway and waterfalls. A truly gorgeous gem.

I love days like these!

Such is Life!

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