The mighty Hudson River

Today, we farewelled the gorgeous port of Mamaroneck and their friendly inhabitants. Yesterday, we explored the town in sunshine, but today we left with grey skies. Long Island Sound, thankfully, was smooth sailing with the blustery winds of the last four days finally abating.

With the boxing kangaroo proudly displayed, we sailed back through the East River towards Manhattan. We decided to sail the less travelled waterway and turned to starboard, up the Harlem River. We sailed under quite a few bridges, enjoying the gentle twists and turns of this interesting river. We spied Yankee Stadium and the gracious foliage of Washington Heights lining the banks. Our Harlem River journey ended at the Spuyten Duyvil Railway Bridge. Fun fact: Spuyten Duyvil means spitting devil in Dutch!

Once through the railway swing bridge we entered the mighty Hudson River – and she is a glorious river to behold. Towering palisades line the western shore; trains glide by on the eastern river’s edge. At the lower reaches of the Hudson River, it is a wide, green river, with verdant foliage adorning both sides. Forests of buildings give way to lush woodlands, with scattered villages.

The Tappen Zee Bridge is majestic in its size and sweep. We sailed ever northward enjoying the rhythm and sights of the Hudson Valley. Our voyage of discovery sailed us past iconic place names such as Sleepy Hollow and Sing Sing Prison (and what a position the prison has!)

The weight of command took its toll!

Our berth for tonight is Half Moon Bay Marina. We will be here for a few nights, as we want to explore the area which is rich in sights and history. For now, we will enjoy the ambience and the sunset.

Such is Life!

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