Second half of the looping odyssey…

We begin the second half of our Bushranger legs in discovering the delights of the American Great
Loop. This half we will start in Long Island Sound, traverse parts of Canada, negotiate the Great Lakes and finish in the Deep South, on the Tennessee River – if all goes according to plan!

After an absolutely exhilarating flight over New York City, with a bird’s eye view of the skyscrapers
capped in sun-kissed gilt, we touched down at La Guardia. By the time we secured our rental car,
(after a tragedy of errors), we drove with extreme care through the dark to our hotel in New Rochelle, NY.
The weather has not kind to us, rather chilly with spitting rain and strong winds.

We drove to Mamaroneck to view Bushranger after her winter sojourn wrapped in plastic and up on the hard. She looked magnificent with polished sides and clean underbelly.

Recommissioning Bushranger has begun: systems inspected, safety check signed off, re-provisioning completed. Tomorrow her superstructure will be re-installed.

But for now, we will enjoy an intimate dinner and watch a spectacular sunset.

Such is Life!

12 thoughts on “Second half of the looping odyssey…

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you Bushranger for let us know your today’s
    we were concerned about your tranquility recently
    Good luck and purchase couple of island(one for you and one for us) when you in thousand island


  2. Brittany Withers

    I LOVE that these updates are back. I love being a part of your travels from afar. Xx

    — Britt Sent from my iPhone



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