New Home in Mamaroneck, NY

So, things have not turned out like we had planned… but that is the nature of boating!

With a few necessary items having been delayed and requiring onward shipping (still not received), plus rain forecast for the next five or so days, plus being at least two weeks behind schedule on where we would like to be in Long Island Sound, plus and most importantly – wanting to be available for Claire and Brad at the shortest possible notice… for all these reasons we have decided to winterise Bushranger early.

We had a short sail yesterday to Mamaroneck on the northern shores of Long Island Sound. This is  really a delightful gem, three miles from the Connecticut border and 15 miles from NYC, and most importantly, 20 minutes by car from LaGuardia Airport.

Having made the decision this morning, we spoke to the yacht yard manager and service manager, both of whom filled us with confidence in looking after our old girl. We spent this afternoon dismantling the eisenglass and Bimini, cleaning and stowing both. Tomorrow we tackle the antennas, dinghy, refuelling and inverter repair. Bushranger is going to be hauled out of the water and shrink-wrapped. This is to protect her against the snow and ice and freezing conditions they experience in winter in these parts.

On Friday we will farewell Bushranger and hopefully return next year. This sailing season has been short – no complaints. We have enjoyed the challenges, the sea air in our faces, and especially the people we have met along the way. We have been blown away by unexpected kindnesses.

We will commence exploring the towns and seaports on the north shore of Long Island Sound by car until 1 October when we hope to surprise our grandson, Ben, for his 8th birthday. That is, unless required earlier by Claire.

Shall end this blog post with some interesting and amusing American sayings:

Acclimate instead of acclimatise (I know it has crept into the Australian vernacular).

Gunkholing which translates in Aussie to dropping the anchor or mooring out.

Birding which translates to bird watching, not what Mark thought as ‘looking for girls’ when a teenager!

And my favourite is muddling which is short for using a pestle and mortar.

Don’t you just love language? Who knew there were so many variations in the English language?

Thanks for the photo – Mary Silverstein from Exhale

Such is Life!

8 thoughts on “New Home in Mamaroneck, NY

  1. Heather, your photos are exquisite! But, it appears you conveniently failed to mention the recent use of “muddling”, that is, to make an Old Fashioned! Capt Rick was happy to introduce you to both the term and the yummy orange and cherry infused cocktail. Missing you already. Exhale


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