We have a problem, NY

Actually, we have a few! But the major one is our inverter. That means no power. Yikes! It is Mark’s turn to say a few expletives.

We made it to Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island after a gloriously smooth North Atlantic sail. After chatting to our neighbours we came inside the cabin to a burnt electrical smell. After investigation Mark isolated the problem to a burnt out inverter. Panic stations! No coffee, no microwave, no oven, no anything and batteries slowly losing charge… Can’t stay aboard. All enquiries for marine electricians resulted in everyone is overbooked and can’t see us for a couple of weeks. Mark made numerous enquiries to get a replacement inverter… ALL out of stock! Unbelievable (and more expletives)!

Then a lovely New Yorker, John, came aboard. He provided us with a charger so that two of the three house batteries could be charged. This means we can stay on board. He would not take payment for the charger and returned later in the evening to help out. We were totally blown away with his thoughtfulness and help.

At our next marina in Long Island Sound we will seek professional help from marine electricians. We will also meet up with Rick and Mary – who will be coming to our rescue with boating knowledge par excellence. (No pressure Rick)

Yesterday, we completed our slow and steady progress through the New Jersey ICW. It provided a few challenges which on reflection, we are quite proud to have born and come out the other side unscathed. We saw some lovely sites, felt the thrill of sailing in busy, skinny channels, and lived to tell the tale of sailing in less than desirable depths of water. We traversed the Point Pleasant Canal, a raging, swirling mass of water, akin to being in rapids and then spewed out into the lovely Manasquan River. We entered the North Atlantic Ocean via the scenic Manasquan Inlet at slack water, deciding to forego the exhilarating 4 knot current! 

Just when I thought the nail-biting stuff was over… I broke two fingernails today.

And we still have to sail through Hell Gate!

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “We have a problem, NY

  1. Gregg Turner

    Too much excitement. I can imagine the reaction to burnt electrical smell. Good luck with repairs. Seems like you should be able to find a replacement inverter somewhere in the NYC area. Cheers and safe travels!


  2. Is it just me? Or is Bushranger’s Legs really the new TV Reality show Nautical SURVIVOR? With the “Great Kills Yacht Club” (sounds like a Murder Inc sporting club), the Anything But Pleasant Point with Hell Gate to come!!! And that was just this episode 🙂 But I think that is half the thrill for you both: travelling, sailing, sight seeing AND problem solving. [You can see the green envy dripping off my every word.]


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