Wrapping up Cape May

We are coming to the end of our layover in Cape May. The weather prevented us from heading out into the Atlantic Ocean and travelling up the New Jersey coastline to Atlantic City. 

On a recommendation we stayed at South Jersey Marina, providing a whole new level in luxurious bathhouse amenities. 

Whilst here in this very pretty and well appointed marina, we have experienced buffeting winds and thunderstorms. We put the time to good use – painting the last remaining section of decking, and even walking to a West Marine store on the rainy day to replenish boat maintenance gear.

In fact, Cape May is so flat and incredibly easy to explore on foot. This is such an interesting place. The town of Cape May has the largest collection of Victorian architecture in the USA and has been declared a National Historic Landmark. Victorian architecture equates to turrets, porches, gingerbread mansions and gorgeous gardens. Each house is a delight. Streets are virtual tree-tunnels. Lush greenery and colourful blossoms abound.

We walked along the boardwalk (which was actually a concrete promenade), soaking up the sun and beach air.

We’ve dined like kings. Promenaded like Europeans. Gawked like tourists. It is now time to move on.

Cape May, you are one colourful and delightful town.

Such is Life!

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