Cape May, New Jersey

Packed grab bag ✅

Packed dinghy saddle bag with safety/emergency equipment ✅

Dosed up on sea sick tablets ✅

Covered safety and emergency procedures ✅

Leaving Delaware City Marina

All systems go! At 8.55am on a glorious 27C day wth light airs and smooth waters, we set sail down the Delaware River and on into the Delaware Bay. The voyage took 8 hours and 7 minutes and at times we reached over 11 mph!

On our way we passed Salem Nuclear Power Plant on the New Jersey side of the bay. 

And the John Ship Shoal lighthouse which does not light up at all, but rather sends out eerie horn signals. From a distance this lighthouse looks like Cinderella’s fairytale castle.

We were passed by a large work rig. And met quite a few large ships inbound.

Halfway down the bay we were met by countless small pleasure craft sailing their way up to the C&D Canal. At times we felt like a salmon heading in the wrong direction. 

We gained a boat moustache in the murky brown water – most unbecoming! And somehow we attracted the most diabolical blood sucking flies who just refused to die – over, and over, and over again! We finished the bug repellant spray and they still kept coming. 

Now, after negotiating the shallow and narrow Cape May Canal with innumerable speedboats and fishing boats streaking by, we found our berth at the pretty South Jersey Marina, where we shall reside until the effects of Hurricane Larry settle down.

Such is Life!

8 thoughts on “Cape May, New Jersey

    1. Happy to have done and dusted that leg! Wasn’t looking forward to it. I had read many accounts of sailing down the Delaware Bay – I scared myself! Mark says too much knowledge for me is dangerous and stop reading. (Too late for the Atlantic Ocean segment!!!!)


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