Dashing to Delaware City

The current in the upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay can be exhilarating. Approaching the C&D Canal (Chesapeake and Delaware Canal links Chesapeake Bay to Delaware Bay), Bushranger topped speeds in excess of 9 mph. We searched for protective eye glasses and seatbelts in our safety equipment. A fellow looper took photos of us in our speedy transit of the canal. We actually created a bow wave!

Photo courtesy of Jenny Lynn Girvan in Melody in Sea.

The C&D Canal is 14 miles long with a tow path its entire length. Along a section is a duck hunting range. I hoped the gunmen aimed really high, especially when I saw the duck hides down low on water level. Cyclists and joggers regularly overtook us, as did occasionally walkers!

To pass the time we admired the different bridge shapes spanning the canal.

We arrived at Delaware City (all of eight by six blocks) about 12.30pm. In the narrow creek in which the marina is situated, we are tied to a long floating wharf, stern to bow with other boats. If someone sneezes we can pass a tissue across easily! Upon arrival, we (and every other boat) were deftly swivelled around via a bowline by the marina staff. This is to allow boats to exit the creek going ahead, not backing out. Currents are pretty swift here, as well. A very slick operation – no boat stuck like in the Suez Canal.

We dined on garlic tonight with some tasty seafood. Luckily we both ate the same dish. We met our very friendly bow neighbours who invited us onboard their Marine Trader.

Now for decision time: do we sail to Cape May tomorrow or not? We’ll sleep on it.

Such is Life!

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