Bobbing on the Sassafras River

Tonight we reside in the Sassafras River, in the northern Chesapeake.

Earlier in the day, Mark showed his seamanship by not only manoeuvring Bushranger out of a tricky slip but also showing how Bushranger can ‘turn on a dime’ in the narrow marina basin after pump-out duties. 

We quickly settled into our sailing routine.

Mark found his ‘happy place’.

We were warned of the large amount of debris washing down the Chesapeake from the flooded areas caused by the low depression, Ida. We stealthily wove our way through branches and tree trunks, clumps of grass and weeds – not to mention the numerous boats plying the waterway on the US Labor Day long weekend.

Being a craft of high speed (7 mph) and battling the ebbing tide, we made our destination in 5 hours and 17 minutes. We only had to go 35.5 miles! Still, our cheeks resembled the flapping jowls of dogs hanging out a car window.

And now? In our little lazy bend in the river, chosen for protection from southerly winds forecast for tonight, we are enjoying the river vista (and neck-jerking bobbing) of men raging with testosterone and probably fuelled with alcohol, chasing each other on PWCs, doing doughnuts in high speed pleasure craft, and using Bushranger as a rounding mark. Only another two hours until sundown!

Such is Life!

4 thoughts on “Bobbing on the Sassafras River

  1. She’s looking so trim and beautiful…and I don’t mean Mark, although he does look quite happy.
    …enjoy the holding tank! I recall Boyd prostate in the bilge measuring to find the perfect fit! He DID do good, didn’t he?!


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