And so to the Coffee Quest

My quest for good coffee in the USA is ongoing. Each state, each city, each town we visit I live in hope of a good cup of coffee.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not a coffee snob. I simply like a ‘Flat White”, nothing special, nothing with syrup or whipped cream or half and half, or chocolate…

The closest I have been to my “Flat White” was tasted in the Naval Academy at Annapolis. So close and yet so far!

And coffee needs to be savoured. One needs to drink it out of a china cup with saucer, sitting awhile and possibly chatting with good friends. The coffee shop should have ambiance conducive to relaxing and enjoying the moment. Comfy deep chairs and delicate pastries to agonize over, with staff who are professional and friendly. These coffee shops are few and far between in the USA, at least in the southern states.

I have, however, had fun in my search for the elusive coffee shop and Flat White.

With our friends, Gregg and Carol Turner, we sought out coffee stops whilst en route to Washington DC from the Rappahannock River. For value for money, Gregg wins with his Mocha Coffee at Java Jacks Caffe in Tappahannock.

In Urbana, we visited the old time diner cum pharmacy cum gift store. It was a hoot, but the coffee did not live up to the promise.

In Montross we lucked upon the Art of Coffee, with an eclectic range of clothing, jewellery and artwork. We could have stayed here a lot longer, but the menfolk wanted to push on.

And we ‘stumbled’ upon the Front Porch Coffee House in Kilmarnock. This almost ticked all the boxes!

And for stunning surrounds we could not beat The Tides Inn in Irvington. I was so relaxed in the moment, I forgot to take a photo!

And of course, when one is in Fredericksburg, one has to go to Goolrick’s established 1867, if not for the coffee, then for the gelato. Their sundae is to die for!

Good times were had by all in our quest for coffee. Roll on future quests.

Such is Life!