Baltimore was a place I was quite iffy about. Frankly, I did not mind if we skipped it all together. I had read a little about it. It seemed like just an industrial city with a shipbuilding history. Could take it or leave it.

Well, people… I’ll take it! What a surprise! From the moment we sailed up the Patapsco River, and under the Francis Scott Key Bridge, past Fort Caroll and Fort McHenry, the skyline of Baltimore is expansive and stunning. The city is attractive and the harbour has been revitalized.

Historic buildings have been re-purposed, leaving in place the interesting 18th century architecture.

In the Fells District, cobbled stone roads with embedded railroad tracks add to the shipbuilding history of the area.

A waterfront promenade runs 7.5 miles connecting districts. Ongoing building projects are everywhere.

Baltimore has a friendly vibe with plenty to see and do.

We went to the observation floor of the Trade Tower to see the most stunning 360 degree views of the city.

The waterfront is connected via footbridges, cycleways and paths, and water taxis.

There are many museums and historic ships berthed alongside.

Interesting nooks and crannies everywhere from murals to sculptures to public Adirondack chairs to outdoor theatres to amazing outdoor eateries and bars.

The food here is sensational, international and we agree with people who have said the food is outstanding. (Not so in other places!)

Mark chose well when he chose Harbor East Marina, right smack bang halfway between the Inner Harbor and Fells Point. We took great delight in walking and discovering the delights of Baltimore.

I should never pre-judge!

Oh, and we painted half of the deck before breakfast!

Such is Life!